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Saturday, November 18, 2023

2015 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

All 5 issues of 2015 Needlepoint Now magazine. Includes Angel of Peace by Curtis Boehringer and Cythia Thomas, Part 3 of the "H" train by Raymond Crawford guide by Vicky DeAngelis, Holiday Blue Bell by Susan Portra, Peter Rabbit by Rebecca Woodm otus Garden by Zecca and Lisa Kessler, 12 Tribes of Israel by Rish Designs and Donna La Ganga, Noah's Ark by Raymond Crawford and Gone Stitching, Uncle Sam by Sew Much Fun, White Ornament by Susan Portra, Boo to You by Associated Talents, Christmas Diamonds by Threedle, Christmas Holiday House by Pepperberry Designs and Vick De Angelis and many more. Retail $Retail $38.75 Price $12 $10 Item M02