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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Valentina Heishman REDUCED

Valentina Heishman needlepoint  design V17 is 14 x 16 on 18 count.  Value $185  Price $92  74.00  DW07


Melody is the geometric music design by Sasi that is 20 x 16 on 14 count.  Price $50  40.00  DW06

Teddy Bear REDUCED

This Teddy Bear is design D-3B and is 12 x 15 on 14 count.  $25  18.00  DW05

Royal School of Needlework REDUCED

An 11 in round on 14 count by the Royal School of Needlework for a chair cushion.  Price $25 18.00   DW04

Florida round REDUCED

The 4.25 round on 18 count for Florida is by the Silver Needle.  Value $54  Price $27  21.00  DW02

Erica Wilson Rug REDUCED

Erica Wilson Rug from the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art measures 30.5 x 22 on 14 count called the Bouquet of Roses.  No threads included.  Price $50  40.00  DW01

Mixed bag #1 REDUCED

This bag includes Cloisonne in gold, DMC metallics in 5282-2, E436,  E415, and ribbon thread in black and orange.  Value $17.65  Price $8.80  7.00  JL107

Two Little ones REDUCED FINAL

 Sweet Nothings Reindeer Parade by JBW Designs is the chart for a 5.4 x 6.1 design that includes three floss and the charm
My 1st Christmas is by Lizzie Kate and is the chart for a 4.25 square design and two fo the floss.  Value $12.50  Price $6  4.00  JL104

Peppermint Lane REDUCED FINAL

Peppermint Lane is by Country Cottage Needleworks for an 89 x 89 stitch design to be worked on 28 count (not included).  2 skeins of floss in the package and additional threads needed.  Value $9  Price $4.50  3.00  JL103

Christmas Friends REDUCED

Christmas Friends is by Just Nan.  Includes the chart for the 57 x 57 stitch design,  28 count Lambswool linen, 7 floss.  Needs, white Perle, Kreinik #4 and beads.  Value $ 22.50  Price $11.25 9.00   JL100

The Reindeer Sampler REDUCED FINAL

The Reindeer Sampler is by Threads Through Time and includes the chart for a 55 w x 75 tall stitch design.  Includes 5 colors.  Needs ecru.  Value $ 12.50  Price $6.25 5.00  JL97

Parfait Needle Pillow REDUCED

Parfait Needle Pillow is an out of print design and kit by Indigo Rose.  Value $25  Price $12.50 10.00   JL91

Needle Rest REDUCED

Needle Rest is by TLC designs.  Includes the linen, Wildflowers, and 5 DMC floss to create the 3.5 square design.  Value $20  Price $10  8.00  JL90


Joy is the ornamental letters chart by Just Nan.  Included is 1/4 yard of Belfast linen, 7 DMC and 1 Kreinik #4.  Value $30.50  Price $15.25 12.20  JL89

Friends & Neighbors REDUCED

Friends and Neighbors is by JBW designs and includes 14 of 15 skeins of floss for the 70 x 74 design along with the charm.  Value $12  Price $6  4.75  JL88

Patriot's Pynpillow REDUCED

Patriot's Pynpillow is by Dames of the Needle.  Includes 32 ct Vintage by Wichel and two of the Sampler threads.  value $19.20  Price $9.60  7.65  JL86

Kind and True REDUCED

Kind and True is the chart by With my Needle and 6 of the  7DMC floss to create the 148 x 134 stitch design on 36 count.  Value $15  Price $7.50 6.00  JL82

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I Love Lucy is the canvas and stitch guide by Princess and Me.  Canvas design area is 5 x 6 on 18 count.  Value $69  Price $ 41  35.00   27.00  24.00  JM63

Mrs Claus standup REDUCED AGAIN

Mrs Claus standup by Kathy Schenkel is design CX145 and is a 5.5 x 11 design on 18 count.  Price $45 35.00 25.00  20.00   J M 60


Seize the day is by Paris Bottman for Maggie and is an 11 x 15 design on 18 count.  Value $180  Price $100  90.00  72.00  63.00  JM59


Mrs Claus is a 10 x 15 design on 13 count design 06A by JB Designs for a standup.  Value $70  Price $42  35.00  28.00 21.00   JM48

Beach things REDUCED AGAIN

Melissa Shirley beach things is a 5 in square design on 18 count.  Mounted on the stretcher bars it comes with the fibers shown that are floss and Needle Necessities overdyed.  Piece has some started.  Price $60  50.00  40.00  30.00  JM57


Honey Bunnies is Ellen Anderson for Maggie M-68 .  10.5 x 15 design on 18 count.  Value $200  Price $ 120.00  99.00  80.00  66.00  JM53

Scrunchie Witch REDUCED AGAIN

Scrunchie Witch is by Deborah Wilson Beau Geste.  The kit includes the canvas with a design area of 8 x 8 on 18 count.  Included is the thread pack, stitch guide, broom and stars.  Value $135  Price $81  67.00  54.00  47.00  JM 49

Travellers Tales REDUCED AGAIN

 Gillyflowers Anniversary Band Sampler 0202
Freindship Sampler Chart 0203
Thistle, Carnation and Tulip Anniversary Band Sampler Chart 0201

Charts only that are all unopened.  Price $40 30.00  20.00  15.00 JL76

Saturday, October 31, 2015


A pair of "Toppers" by the studio each with its' own button to attach to the finished piece.  Design areas are 7 x 7.25 on 14 count.  Value $64  Price  $38  32.00 25.00  19.00  15.00   JM41


Snowy & Friend with the canvas design of 3.5 x 5 on 18 count by JML and the stitch guides, threads, buttons.  Value $64  Price $38  32.00  26.00  19.00  16.00  JM32

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Judy Souliotis note cards

Sixteen Judy Souliotis note cards with envelopes.  Each of the  4.25 x 5.5 note cards contain ones of Judy's designs named on the back.  Blank on the inside, Judy would write a note with kits and projects.  These are gorgeous pictures with a black backing and each one could be framed as well.  Each set is $20 plus postage of  $3.14.  These are sent directly to you as a separate package. These will not be marked down.  All proceeds from your purchase goes back to the family.  JS01