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Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 19th

I have received a very large downsizing stash from an ANG member no longer able to stitch. I have canvases, canvases with threads, stitch guides, books, threads, stretcher bars, scissors, beads, totes and much, much more that will be listed over the next several weeks. Some of the items have been in storage for quite awhile and, for that reason, might have an odor that sensitive noses would detect. I will enclose instructions on airing out purchases with everything I sell in this auction, just to be on the safe side. That said, most of the items are fine!

Royal School & Metallic

The Royal School of Needlework embroidery techniques with text by Sally Saunders is pristine and covers silk shading, crewel work, blackwork and goldwork.  Orig $35.  Metallic Thread embroidery also in very good condition is by Jacqueline Kreinik and covers the Kreinik story, threads and includes stitches and 14 designs.  Orig $25  Price $27  W132

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is by David McCaskill and is an 11 x 13 design on 18 count.  Value $80  Price $36  W129

Teri Aki

Steri Ako, the Japanese Hibachi Chef canvas is by Damarj has a design area of 8 x 12 on 18 count.  Includes the stitch guide by Amy Bunger.  Piece has been started.Threads included are: floss, six skeins of wool, 1 skein metallic, 4 ribbon floss, Kreinik,  2 Fabulous Fibers, Flair, Rainbow Linen, 3 Splendor, 2 Frosty Rays and some prewound.    Includes red rhinestone lobster magnet.  Value $190  Price $ 86 W128

You pick!

 Regular stretcher bars, some new, some used.  I have several bars in:  12, 11, 10, 8, 7 inch.  Sold in sets of two at 75 cents per set.  Will not be reduced to a lower price.  Specify size and quantities when ordering.  W124

Stitches for the Millennium

Stitches for the Millennium if by Brenda Hart.  Spiral bound book.  Orig $36  Price $22  W121

3 cats

BP 01 is by Lee and is a 3.25 x 4.75 design to insert into one of the leather products or finish as usual.  Value $46  Price $20  W104


 The letter J is by BB needlepoint, 9020.  Design area is 4.25 x 6.5 on 18 count.  $15  W115

Book pair

Both hardcover books in  good condition.  The Temari book  with techniques and patterns is by Anna Diamond.  The Embroider a Garden by Diana Lampe contains patterns, info and colors for stitching all the flowers shown on the cover.  Value $45  Price $  W113

Two Japanese books

The elements of Japanese Design by John Dower which is a handbook of family crests, Heralrdy and symbolism.  Japanese Motifs for Needlepoint has 99 graphs, 14 colors plates and 43 photographs by Sally Nicoletti.  Both hardcover in good condition.  Orig $40  Price $18  W112

Boots Bailey Purse

 The canvas design area measures  14 x 18 on 18 count, CN2015A, and has the snakeskin leather pieces to attach.
The tote design comes with the tracing paper notes for stitching suggestions.  $100 W109

Red flower

 The red flower is by HP needlepoint, F87A, and is a 5 in square design on 18 count.  Price $18  W107

Two black cats with purple flowers

Two black cats with purple flowers is an unsigned canvas that has a 9 x 12 design area on 18 count.  $25  W105

Lee Cat

BC 56 is 3.5 x 5.25 on 18 count and fits Lee's Bag 06 and Book 01S.  Value $46  Price $20  W

Puffer Belly Witch

Puffer Belly Witch is by TS Designs, 1209.  Includes the      8 x 8.5 design on 14 count, stitch guide and the threads shown.  They are Floche, Neon Rays, Rachel, Marlitt, Soie Gobelin, 6 Needlepoint Silk, 1 floss, and 1 Au Ver a Soie.  Includes Boo fabric for base and cape.  Value $ 78  Price $35  W100

Animal Clutch by Moonbag

The animal clutch by Moonbag has been started.  The stitching area is 7 x 8 on 18 count and includes the threads shown.  Threads are:  Twedie 18, Pearl 5, Medici and linens.  Price $52  W99

Black Cat standup

3 canvas pieces to create the stand up black cat, DTA4.  Design area is 13.25 x 11 for the cat and the oval is 10.25 s 5.5  on 14 count.  Orig $ 129.00  Price $ 58  W96

Santa in Royal Blue

Santa in Royal blue is a two sided canvas that is 11 x 16 on 13 count.  Bottom photo is a closeup of the pictures stapled to the top.  Includes 5 Silk & Ivory, 3 hanks of wool, 6 Frosty Rays, and 3 Rainbow Tweed.  Value $334  Price $150  W93


Repose is JB needlepoint #1005 that is 12" square on 13 count and comes with 24 skeins of Silk & Ivory.  Value $ 225  Price $101  W92

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Two boxes of DMC.  On the left are 12 skeins of #5 Perle in color 644.  On the right are 12 skeins of Retor mat fils coton pour tapisserie in Blanc.  Value $31.68  Price $ 14.25 11.00  W55

Susan Roberts Animal coasters REDUCED

Set of four Animal coasters by Susan Roberts, 557, 553, 558, that are 3.5 in square.  Two have been started and the threads are included.  Value $120  Price $ 54  36.00  W57

Two California Canvas REDUCED

 On the left is Panache by Plum Creek with a design area of 7 x 6.  On the right is Folie a' Deux by Debilyn with a design area of 7.25 x 7.5.  Both on 18 count.  Includes these threads:  21 skeins and a hank of multicolored floss, 3 hanks of Medici, 3 hanks of white silk (unknown origin), 2 skeins of Christopher metallic, one spool of Kreinik blending filament.  Value $  89  Price $40  30.00  W66

Lily Pad Frog REDUCED

Lee lily pad frog measures 12 x 12.5 on 13 count.  Orig $ 92  Price $ 41  32.00  W70