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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Three sturdy little oak

Three sturdy little oak home to feather and furry folk design on 18 count with a stitch area of 4.5 x 6.5.  Original $77  Price $38.50  N09

Tree Geometric

Tree Geometric is by Mindy, design 8C, is a 6 inch square design on 18 count.  All the buttons attached included.  Original $98  Price $49 N10

Winter Rules

Winter Rules is by Princess and Me and is the painted canvas, stitch guide, two spools of Kreinik and one skein of floss.  More floss and one spool of Kreinik is needed.  The design area is 2 x 4.5 on 18 count.  Original $62  Price $31  N14

3 Coasters

Set of 3 coasters (one shown) that are on 3.5 squares of Congress cloth that include threads, instructions and charms.  Original $32  Price $16  N16

Letter M

The initial M by Thea Gouveneuv with the little girl is an unopened kit that has the directions, threads, and material to create the design.  Original $15  Price $7.50 N15

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is by Connie Jones and is the chart only to work the design on either 22 or 28 count with a stitch count of 259 x 327.  $10  L32

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Trademarks, Symbols & Slogans.  The charted design booklet has a trademark sampler, a slogan sampler, the ribbon, the harlequin design and more.  All adapatable for needlepoint and cross stitch.  $7.00  L31

Circle of Hearts

Circle of Hearts is a 5 inch circle on 24 count by FR by Gail.  Price $20  M31

Two Cabanas

Two Cabanas is by Nancy's Needle and is the pattern and threads to create the design on an 8 x 12 square cut of 18 count.  Original $25  Price $12.50  L21

Mixed Bag 16

Mixed bag 16 is Blending Filament in 009HL, 011HL-2, 006, 085, 003, 001, 024, 051F, 054F, 095, 007, 032-4, 094, 001HL, 093, 042, 052HL, 052F, 015HL, 100HL, 043, 022-2, 085, 014, 002, 029, 002HL, 091, and one #16 009HL.  Original $50.66  Price $25  L 16

Mixed bag 15

Mixed bag 15 is two of Rachelette A17,  Wildflowers Holiday, Impressions in Parfait and Silver Blue.  Original $18.30  Price $9.15

Mixed bag #12

Mixed bag #12 is Kreinik cord 002C, #8 091, Japan thread 002J, Artic Rays 9 and Fuzzy Stuff 05.  Original $11.24  Price $5.60  L12

Mixed bag 10

Mixed bag #10 is Neon Rays 02, Ultra Suede 01 and #16 Kreinik glow in the dark 052F.  Original $9 Price $4.50  L10

Another button

Three mittens, a harvest corn cob and plum pudding button from Just Another Button Company.  Original $10.50  Price $5.25 L8

Mixed bag #6

Mixed bag #6 is two spools of white ribbon floss and 5 skeins of Marlitt 800.  Original $17  Price $8.50  L6

Alpace 18

Alpaca 18 that are 50, 55, 82, 83.  Original $8  Price $4  L5

DMC #5

DMC #5 that are 844, 3052, 503, 3051, 3052, 500, 407.  Original $11.70  Price $5.85  L4

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fantasy Remembered REDUCED FINAL

Fantasy Remembered is the chart only by Luan Callery to create the design in stumpwork on crewel linen cut 14 x 18.  Price $18 15.00 12.00  J15

Cards & Needles REDUCED FINAL

Cards & Needles is the chart only to create designs on 4 x 5 pieces of 18 count canvas and then mount on your own gift cards.  $8.00 6.00 5.00 J14

4 side extender bars REDUCED FINAL

 Set of 4 side extender bars for scroll frames that are 13 inches long.  Original $34  Price $17 14.00  12.00   M26

Extender bars REDUCED FINAL

 A 16  and 18 inch extender bar that are an inch square along with a set of 2 knobs for scroll frames.  Orig $24  Price $12 9.00 7.00  M25

Vineyard Silk Shimmer, Lot 7

Vineyard Silk Shimmer Lot 7 is 5 skeins of S538, Drama, lot 118.  Original $27.50  Price $13.75  S17

Dorothy's Kaleidoscope FINAL

Dorothy's Kaledoscope is by the Woolford Stitcher and is the chart only for a 126 square stitch count design on 28 count using Caron and perle.  $3.00  2.00  J12

Victorian Ribbons FINAL

Victorian Ribbons is by Brenda Kocher and is the chart only to create the design on an 18 square of 18 count using Wildflowers, Elegance, Neon Rays, Perle and Silk.  Orig $25  Price $12  10.00  AB01

DMC size 3 Lot 10

DMC, size 3 Lot 10 is two skeins of DMC B5200.  Original $3.34  Price $1.67  S10

Wreath of Country Hearts REDUCED FINAL

Wreath of Country Hearts is the the spiral bound chart by Lynne Tomlinson Designs to be worked ona 16 square of Congress cloth with floss, ribbon, and beads.  Original $20  Price $10 8.00 6.00 J 04

DMC, size 3, Lot 6

DMC size 3, Lot 6 is 3 skeins of Blanc.  Original $5.01.  Price $2.50  S06