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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Markdowns

Friday Markdowns are done!  New items going up soon!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Monkey Business REDUCED

Monkey Business is the painted canvas  by Trubey Designs.  Background has been painted in but can be painted over again.  Design area is 5.5 x 12 on 18 count. Value $130  Price $65  52.00  AN 10

Elegant Stitches REDUCED

Elegant stitches is by Judith Baker Montano is a spiral bound hardcover with 176 pages of inspiration with stitches and projects.  Value $25  Price $12.50  10.00  BF10

Quick & Easy Quiltmaking REDUCED

Quick & Easy Quilmaking from That Patchwork Place is a very good hardcover with 26 projects featuring speedy cutting and piecing methods in 270 pages.  Mary Hickey, Nancy Martin, Marsha McCloskey & Sara Nephew.  Value $28  Price $14 11.00   BF08

Country Bazaar Crafts FINAL

Country Bazaar Crafts is a very good hardcover by Better Homes & Gardens.  80 pages of projects that include wood, paper, stitching, sewing and lots more.  Price $5  3.00  BF07

Bue Ribbon Bazaar Crafts REDUCED FINAL

Blue Ribbon Bazaar Crafts is s very good hardcover by Better Homes and Gardens.  222 pages including paper, wood, stitching and sewing ideas along with planning, staging and holding a bazaar. Price $5  3.00  BF06

Creative American Quilting REDUCED

Creative American Quilting is from Better Homes and Gardens.  Very good hardcover.  254 pages with scrap quilts, quick piecing on the machine, romantic designs and more.  Value $13  Price $6.50    5.20  BF05

A Patchwork Alphabet REDUCED

A Patwork Alphabet by Eileen Westfall is a good condition hardcoce.  Small tear on binding edge of dust jacket.  A complete alphabet of country-inspired quilting projects from A for Attic window to Z for Z cross with full sze templates and patterns for 58 different blocks.  Value $25  Price $12.50 10.00  BF04

More Lap Quilting REDUCED

More Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel.  Very good hardcovcer with great new techniques and designs for machine piecing and applique.  Her second book with templates and stencils for 60 new quilt designs.  Value $20  Price $10  8.00 BF03

Lap Quilting REDUCED

Lap Quilting withj Georgia Bonesteel.  Over 70 traditional designs and projects to piece by machine and quilt in your lap.  very good hard cover Value $25  Price $12.50  10.00  BF01

Four pamphlets REDUCED

A Winterthur guide to American Needlework is the paperback by Susan Burrows Swan describes the major needlework methods used in America between 1650 and 1890.  Gives the dates of their popularity and discusses the stitches used to execute them.  A handbook for judged shows and exhibitions is by the EGA, Southern California Chapter.  On Judging and Jurying is from the EGS in New York City.  A judge's guide to embroidery is by Kathleen Mackie.   Value $13  Price $6.50  5.20  CH45

Beading by Machine REDUCED

Beading by Machine is the paper back book in very good condition by Yvonne Perez-Collins.  A guide to sewing machine and serger techniques featuring embroidery, stringing, dimensional beading, cutwork, fringe work and jewelry making.  Value $  20  Price $10  8.00  CH42

Tole Painted Outdoor Projects REDUCED FINAL

Tole Painted Outdoor Projects is decorative designs for gardens, patios, decks and more by Areta Bingham.  Very good hard cover.  Designs, patterns and instructions  for a fuschia water fountain, painting stepping stones, rocks, planters, posts and more.  Value $10  Price $5  4.00 CH38

Three pamphlets #2 REDUCED

Beadworking with toda's materials is by Loren and Donna Woerpel and covers sizes of beds, threads, needles, loom beading, applique beadwork and lots more.  Stitch anatomy is a guide to apprentice and artisan level smocking stitches from the Smocking Arts Guild.  Hand-hemming techniques for evenweace fabrics is by Connie Wilks and covers the box edge hem, three-sided stitch hem, mitering corners and more.  Value $23.45  Price $11.75  9.50  CH36


Geometric Patterns from Roman Mosaics and how to draw them is the paperback by Robert Field.  The stained glass of Salisbury Cathedral  is by R. Spring and is a paperback with descriptions of all the windows.  Value 8  Price $4  3.00  CH 34

Two Michele Roberts REDUCED

Two charts by Michele Roberts.  Christian  Symbols:  36 ornaments for St Luke's Church and 50 Crosses charted for Needlepoint.  Value $60  Price $30  24.00  CH 30

Two Embroidery REDUCED FINAL

Illustrated guide to Embroidery by Pam Dawson is a 160 paper back covers equipment and basic hand stitches and then moves on to cover advanced techniques.  One Hundred Embroidery Stitches is from Coats and Clarks with 34 pages of stitches, descriptions and directions.  Good condition.  Value $ 13  Price $5.50 4.00   CH 29


Dyes from Nature  and Dye Plants & Dyeing from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record.  Coloring yarns and textiles with dyes from plants with basic directions.  Good condition.  Value $12  Price $6  4.80 CH28

DMC Encyclopedia V FINAL

The  Complete DMC ENcyclopedia of Needlework by Therese deDillmont, the Centennial Edition is in very good condition.  A 700 page hard cover with a trove of information for beginner and expert alike.  Clear, step by step instructions and diagrams for many needlearts with over 1,000 illustrations.  Value $10  Price $5  4.00  CH 26


4 booklets on Dyeing. Dyeing and Dyestuffs by Su Grierson.  Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing by Rita J. Adrosko with 150 recipes.  Dyeing with natural materials  from the spinners and weavers guild in New Mexico.  Nature's Dyepot by Bobbi McRae.  Value $ 28  Price $14  11.25  CH 25

Stitch & Stencil REDUCED

Stitch & Stencil is by Sheila Coulson and Tessa Brown.   Very good condition 95 page book with over 40 easy fabric based projects including the stencil designs.  Create your own canvases with many ideas.  Value $22  Price $11  8.80  CH 24

Heirloom Drawn Thread Sampler REDUCED

Heirloom Drawn Thread Sampler is by Linda Driskell.  Chart only to work on an 18 x 27 cut of 19 count with Pearl cotton   Value $13 Price $6.50  5.25  CH22

Vanishing Act & Voluptuous Velvet REDUCED

Vanishing Act & Voluptuous Velvet.  Voluptuous Velvet is by Jean Littlejohn, paperback, covers the use of velvet in embroidery for garments and furnishings.  Vanishing act by Jan Beaney is on machine embroidery on soluble fabrics.  Paperback.  $20.  15.00  JL 16

Patterns! REDUCED

On the left is Mathematical window patterns by William Gibbs to create designs with geometric principles.  Paperback 36 page book with patterns for rectangles, overlapping designs, polygons, circles and more.  On the right is Molas by Kate Mathews.  Hard cover book in excellent condition with 128 pages of information on applique panels with dazzling color designs.  Value $31  Price $16.50  12.50  JL12

Triple booklets REDUCED FINAL

Lefthanders' Guide to Needlepoint is a leaflet with charts and graphs to learn needlepoint.  Looks like coffee stains on the paperback cover.  The Woolen Industry  is by Chris Aspin and the paperback covers history of the wool industry, how cloth is made, feltmaking, places to visit in 32 pages.  Needlemaking is by John Rollins and covers the history, cottage needlemaking, steel needles, Redditch.  Blue highlighted areas throughout the paperback book.  Value $9.50  Price $ 4.75  3.75  CH07

Creating Pa ndau applique REDUCED

Creating Pa ndau applique is the spiral bound book by Carla J. Hassel  featuring rever a pplique technique for needle art with 27 designs and hundreds of diagrams and photos.  Good condition.  Value $13  Price $6.50  5.20  CH02

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Sweet Garden Be is by Ewe & Eye & Friends.  Chart is for an 81 x 80 stitch design and includes 9 skeins of floss.  Value $13.00  Price $6.50  4.80  4.00 JL64

Be Ever Thankful REDUCED FINAL

Be Ever Thankful is by Abbey Lane Designs.  Includes the chart, the 11 x 18 cut of 32 count linen, and all 6 DMC floss to work the 59 x 79 stitch design.  Value $20  Price $10  8.00  6.00  JL53

The Needle Charmer REDUCED FINAL

The Needle Charmer is from Examplars From the Heart, number 113 of 2000.  Design is to be worked on 30 count with an area of 5 x 10.  18 skeins of floss included.  Value $37  Price $18.5  14.80  11.00  JL43

Busy Bee Sewing Case REDUCED FINAL

Busy Bee Sewing Case is from with my Needle and includes the chart, linen, bee finishing fabric, buttons and all of the threads.  Value $63  Price $31.50   25.20 19.00   JL39

True Love and Grace REDUCED FINAL

True Love and Grace is by Blue Ribbon Designs.  Chart is for a 10 x 14,25  count design on the included Lakeside vintage linen along with 10 skeins of threads.  Value $69  Price $34.50 27.60   24.00  JL37

Bloom where you are planted REDUCED FINAL

Bloom where you are planted is the chart by Birds of a Feather for a 66 x 65 stitch design on 36 count.  Includes the linen, all 11 Gentle Art Sampler threads and chart.  Value $47  Price $23.50   18.80  16.50  JL25

Sampler Sewing Basket REDUCED FINAL

Sampler Sewing Basket is by Hillside Samplings.  Includes the chart, 8 wound skeins of floss, 6 tiny silver spools.  Calls for 23-24 linen ban 24 count, 28 count linen, fabric, flannel and a basket.  Value $11 Price $5.50  4.40  JL21

Forget-Me-Not-Sampler REDUCED FINAL

Sheepish Designs Forget-Me-Not Sampler, chart and all 9 threads.  You will need a cut of 35 count to work the 6.5 x 6.75 design.  Value $15  Price 6.00  5.00   JL22


The Garden Path is by Sheepish Design.  Includes the chart and 16 of the 18 floss required.  You will need a 19 x 25 cut of 32 count linen to work the design.  Value $17  Price $8.50  6.80  JL05

Cottage Gardens Treasures Keeper REDUCED FINAL

Cottage Gardens Treasures Keeper.  The standing box holds the book.  The box measures 4 inches wide by 10 inches long.  Sides stand up 3.25 inches.  The open box behind the frame holds the suede and leather  scrapbook.  Twenty pages are included with slots to hold the cards.  Each card will record the project including designer, technique, dates began and finished, project size, threads and notes.  The back of the stand opens so a design can be inserted with an opening of 5 x 4 inches.  New.   $25  20.00 15.00   SW01