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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Metals Swirls

Metal Swirls is the chart only by Kimberly Crum to create the design on an 8 square of 22 count using Rainbow Gallery, Au Ver A Soie and Mill Hill beads.  Value $16  Price $8  DS05

Indigo Rose

Indigo Rose is the chart by Catherine Strickler for a 7 inch square design on Belfast Linen that is included.  Value $24  Price $12  JL 88

Flowers for Lily

Flowers for Lily is the chart, 2 pieces of 32 ct linen, 3 DMC, 4 Crescent Colours, and two Olde Willow threads to create the design.    Value $36  Price $18  JL 87

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots is the chart only by Papillon Creations to work a 265 x 395 design on either 14, 16, 28 or 32 count.  Value $22  Price $11  JL 86

Adorn Thy Heart

Adorn thy Heart is by With my Needle is the chart and 10 skeins of floss for a  111 x 349 stitch design on your 32 count linen.  Value $19  Price $8.50 JL 85

A March Box

A March Box is by Cherished Stitches and is the chart and 5 skeins of floss to work the design on your 36 count linen that is 71 x 188 stitches.  Value $16  Price $8  JL 84

No Sew Needlebook

No Sew Needlebook is from The Needle's Content and is the chart, 9 x 13 32 count linen and skein of DMC .  $12  JL 89

Accept this Posey

Accept this Posey is from With My Needle and includes the chart and 16 skeins of DMC floss to create the sampler, stitching bag and "treasures" on 32 count linen.  Value  $21  Price $10.50  JL 83

Acorn Sampler

Acorn Sampler by Earth Threads and six skeins of DMC to work the 74 x 138 stitch design on your 32 count linen.  Value $10  Price $5  JL 82


Beyond Cross Stitch from the Victoria Sampler is the level four design with pulled satin stitch and herringbone hemstitch kit that includes the fibers and threads.  Textile Heritage Collection's Medieval Herb Garden bookmark kit includes the Aida band, threads, needle, chart, backing and tassel.  A Little Thread Pallette by Colonial Designs kit includes the linen, threads, wooden pallette and chart.  Value $49  Price $24.50  JL 81

A Mon Ami Pierre

Two unopened charts only by A Mon Ami Pierre.  No longer in print designs are for an accessory keeper and the bottom is called a Quaker Style.  Quaker style says it is 156 x 160 stitches on the back. I did not open the keeper one.  Value $49  Price $24.50  JL 80

Miss Kitty's Dragons

Miss Kitty's Dragons is the chart, linen,  17 skeins of DMC threads, 2 spools of Kreinik, adn Finishing Instructions kit  and embellishments to create the 5.25 square design.  Value $45  Price $22.50  JL 79

Country Pumpkin Farm

Country Pumpkin Farm  is the chart and ten of the colors  to create the 7 square design on 28 count.
Value $13  Price $6.50  JL78

Pyramin Etui

Twisted Oaks Designs presents Honor Thy Needle Pyramid Etui kit.   Finished etui is 4.5 x 4, pin cusion is 2.5 x 2.5, ornament 4.5 x 4.  Chart and mat board only.  Value $25  Price $12.50  JL

Accessory Case

Maker & Mender stitching accessory case by Gentle Pursuits includes the chart, wool felt, threads, ribbons to create the design on your 35 count linen.  Value $48  Price $24  JL 75

Hidden Treasures Needle Case

Hidden Treasures Needle Case is from Keepsake Stitches and is the kit of threads-DMC, Sampler and Needle Necessities Overdyed-linen and instructions to create the fesign on 32 linen for a finished case that is 4 x 12.5.  Value $52  Price $26  JL 71

Secret Garden Pin Pillow

Secret Garden Pin Pillow is by The Samplar Workes and includes the instructions, linen, and threads on 7. 9 cuts of 40 count.  Vaklue $27  Price $13.50  JL70

Summer Pocket

Summer Pocket is by Beardie Designs and includes the chart, 32 ct linen and 4 skeins of Gloriana Silk threads.  Value $55  Price $27.50  JL 69

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden in the chart, fabric and silk threads by Dinky Dyes to create the 79 x 78 stitch design.  Value $20 Price $10  JL 66

Flowers on the Square

Flowers on the square is by Elizabeths Designs.  Included are the overdyed floss, charm, fabric and instructions.  Value $15  Price $7.50  JL 65

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Clarice the Cat REDUCED FINAL

Clarice the Cat is A Mosey N Me Design to work on a 14 x 18 cut of 7 count with Rainbow Gallery.  $5.00  4.00  AS 04


Souffle Cat is the chart only by Cheryl Schaeffer and is the chart only to create the design on an 8 x 10 cut of 18 count with floss and beads.   Dynasty Designs is the chart only by Liz Turner Diehl to create the two designs on 13 count.  Value $11 Price $5.50 4.40   AS 02

Mollie the Glamor Cat REDUCED

Mollie the Glamor Cat is the chart book only by Amy Wolfson to create the design on  1.25 yards of 18 count with Watercolors, Rainbow Gallery, Kreinik and Glissen gloss  Value $15  Price $7.50 6.00  AS08

Blue & Gold Kimono REDUCED FINAL

Blue & Gold Kimono is the chart only by Laura J. Perrin to create on a 12 x 15 cut  of 25 count to create a 7 x 9.5 design with Bravo, floss, Kreinik, beads.  Value $12  Price $6  4.80  AS 12


Sophia is the chart only by Amy Wolfson to create the design on a 13 x 17 cut of 18 count with a design area of 8.5 x 15 using Overtue, Splendor, Tweedy, Nordic Gold and Designer's Dream.   Value $30  Price $15  $12  AS13


Mozart is the chart only by Dakota Rogers to create the design on a 9 in square cut of 24 count with Silk and Ivory, Kreinik, Perle and  floss.     Price $8  $6  AS21

A Banner Year REDUCED

 A Banner Year is the book by Brenda Hart for the banners in the series by Rebecca Wood.  Value $49  Price $25  20.00  JL 11

Halloween frame REDUCED

Halloween frame is by Poppy Creations with an opening that is 6 x 11 with a black and purple edged background.  Original $33  Price $16.50  13.20   L43

Harvest Time REDUCED

The Harvest Time frame is by Kay's Frames and has an opening of 4 x 15 that has a pumpkin color background with the attached fall leaves.  Orig $35  Price $17.50  14.00    L44

Rainbow frame REDUCED

The Rainbow frame is by Poppy Creations with an opening of 5.5 x 10 which is a lavender background.  Orig $30  Price $15  12.00   L42

Christmas frame REDUCED

The holiday frame is by Poppy Kreation with a blue background and the canes and HO on the corner with an opening of 5.5 x 16.75  Price $20  15.00    L45

Winter frame REDUCED

The winter frame is by Poppy Kreations and has a blue background with the white cloud attached on the top corner.  Opening is 5.75 x 12.5  Price $18  14.00  L46

Simply Spring REDUCED

Simply Spring frame is by Poppy Creations with an opening that is 4.75 x 13  Original $33  Price $ 16.50  13.20  L41

Garden Frame REDUCED

Kay's Frame titled Garden has an opening of 4 x 8 with a wooden trellis and metal rake.  Price $ 15.00  12.00   L36

Pumpkins frame REDUCED

The pumpkin frame has an opening of 8.5 wide by 7.5 high and has a row of clay pumpkins along the bottom.  Price $ 15.00  12.00  L35

Acorn Frame REDUCED

The acorn frame is by Poppy Kreations frames with a 6 in high x 7.5 in wide opening.  Green frame with squares, hearts and the acorn on top.   Original $28  Price $14  11.20   LS33

Pastel Alphabet REDUCED FINAL

Pastel Alphabet is the chart and 7 DMC  floss to create the pattern on your 32 ct linen for an 8.5 x 6.25 sampler.  Value $10  Price $5  4.00  JL62

Needles & Pins REDUCED

Needles and Pins is by Milady's Needle.  It includes the started piece of linen with the outline of one side done, the Rainbow Gallery threads.  Value $28 Price $14  11.00  JL61

Sampler and Pincushion REDUCED

Carriage House Samplings chart for Folk Art pincushion worked on 40 count (can be changed up) and Primitive Betty's 1836 chart and 4 skeins of DMC to work on your choice of fabric.  Value $24  Price $12    10.00  JL 60

Bless our Home REDUCED FINAL

Bless our Home is by Homespun Samplar and is the chart and the 8 DMC colors needed to stitch the design on your 28 ct fabric.  Value $9  Price $4.50 3.50  JL 59

Graduation Sampler REDUCED

The Graduation Sampler is by Charland Designs and is the chart to crate the design on either 25 or 20 count fabric with a design area of 5 x 10 on 25 .  The sterling silver diploma chart is also included.  Value $20  Price $10 8.00   JL 57

With my Needle REDUCED

With my needle is the chart and  18threads shown for a sampler that is 150 stitches w x 180 h on 32 count.  You will need 4 Sampler Threads as well.  Value $21  Price $10.50  8.40  JL 55

Blackwork et Rubans REDUCED

Blackwork et Rubans is by Au Fil des Reves and includes the 32 count linen, Gloriana ribbons, Mill Hill beads.  Value $50  Price $25  20.00  JL 54

Birds of A Feather REDUCED

Very hard to find Birds of a Feather needlecase.  A 5.75  w x 2.5 design on 18 count canvas, with grossgrain ribbon zippered case.  Inside a gingham check in black and white with the felt fabric is ready to stitch in place after the stitching is complete.  3 skeins of Weeks Dye Works floss are included but you will need 9 others or use the DMC alternatives listed.  Price $80  60.0  JL 55


The Needle case chart by The Stitching Parlor includes the 7 skeins of DMC floss to create the design on your 28 ct linen.  Design area is 6 5/8 w x  3 3/8 long.   Value $12  Price $6 4.00   JL 52

Winter Band Sampler REDUCED FINAL

Winter Band Sampler is from Little House Needleworks and includes the 28 ct linen and  DMC threads to create the 4.75 x 10.75 design on 28 count.  Value $15  Price $7.50 6.00   JL 51

Adam & Eve REDUCED

Adam & Eve is the kit from The Marking Sampler that includes the Milkpaint silk mori, chart and also includes the  28 ct 12 square linen.  Value $21  Price $10.50 8.40   JL 50