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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Iris belt REDUCED

The iris belt canvas is by Liz of Tapestry Tent Designs and is a 1.25 x 32 inch design on 18 count.  Comes with Rainbow Gallery:  3 cards of Mandarin  and 19 cards of Splendor to match the painted canvas.  Would be a great purse strap too!  Value $182  Price $91  73.00  DS04

Nan's Garden FINAL

Nan's Garden is the chart and bead pak by Just Nan to create the 3.5 x 9.5 design on 28 count.  Value $ 13.75  Price $6.85 5.50  PH 45

3 Angels FINAL

Celeste, Felicity, and Serena are all by Just Nan charts to create the angels on 28 count that are 3 x 5.75.  Value $12.50  Price $6.75 5.00  PH44

Angelique & Gloriana FINAL

Angelique & Gloriana are the charts only to create the designs by Just Nan on 28 count that are 3 x 5.75.  Value $8  Price $4  3.00  PH42

Gabriella & Evangeline REDUCED FINAL

Gabriella and Evangeline are the charts by Just Nan to create the designs on 28 ct that are 3 x 5 3/4.  Value $8  Price $4 3.00 PH 41

Monarch Butterfly REDUCED

HP design 675A Monarch butterfly is a 6 square design on 18 count.  Value $65.00  Price $32.50 26.00  PH 10

Red & Blue Fish REDUCED

The red and blue fish is an 8 inch square design on 14 count.  Value $30  Price $15  12.00  PH 11

Petunias REDUCED

Petunias has a design area of 5 x 7 on 18 count.  Price $20 16.00   PH 13


Medallion is the chart only by Prime Time Designs to create either of the patterns that are 4 x 4  and 5 x 5 on 18 count.  Value $7.5  Price $3.35 2.85  PH 27

Cello and mandolin REDUCED

 The cello is a 3 x 6.5 design on 18 count with the gold and silver worked in Kreinik
The mandolin is 2.5 x 5 on 18 count and has not been started.  Price $30  22.00  PH25

Snowman Oval REDUCED

The snowman oval is a design area of 3.5 x 5 on 18 count.  Price $25  19.00  PH 22


The Red Wagon is by Denise and is a 4.25 x 6.5 design on 18 count.  Price $20 15.00   PH 24


The rooster is a 3 x 4 design on 14 count.  Price $20  15.00  PH16

Cow mini stocking REDUCED

Mini stocking by Naomi with the cow and bell is a 5 x 6.5 design on 18 count.  Value $40  Price $20  16.00  PH 17


Palm Tree is an 11 square design on 18 count by Diane.  Value $80  Price $40 32.00   PH06

Polar bear mini stocking REDUCED

This 5.5 x 6.5 design on 18 count includes space at the top to personalize.  Value $50  Price $25  20.00 PH18

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Rebecca Woods Autumn Banner with a 7 w x 13.5 h design area on 18 count.  Value $ 165.00  Price $ 82.50  66.00 50.00   JL 10

Victorian Roses Pillow REDUCED FINAL

Erica Wilson's Victorian Roses Pillow measures 18 square on 10 count and comes with the instructions and wool to complete the kit.  Value $98  Price $49 39.20   29.50  JL 03

Magic Carpet Chess Board REDUCED FINAL

Magic Carpet Chess Board is by Sue Hawkins.  The complete kit contains the canvas, yarns and instructions to create the design on 14 count canvas in Appleton wool that is 18 inches square.  Hard to find pattern.  Value $150.  Price $75    60.00  45.00  JL02