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This is the de-stashing blog for cleaning out stash--to make room for other stash! Each item listed has an item number and a price. The price does not include postage or shipping. I will give that to you after you specify mail, which type, or UPS. Please email me, not leave a comment, if you are interested in purchasing an item. That way, I will have a time date stamp to honor first come, first served. My email address is Have fun shopping and watch us as we have a lot of stuff to get rid of!

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Fridays are mark down day.

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Each seller sends items and I cannot be responsible for their accuracy as to whether all the threads are there or if there is enough fabric, etc to complete the projects. I try to make sure that it is right, but cannot guarantee. Thanks for understanding.

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Friday, September 12, 2014


The Friday markdowns are done!  New items will go up on the 23rd of September at one!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fantasy Remembered REDUCED

Fantasy Remembered is the chart only by Luan Callery to create the design in stumpwork on crewel linen cut 14 x 18.  Price $18 15.00  J15

Cards & Needles REDUCED

Cards & Needles is the chart only to create designs on 4 x 5 pieces of 18 count canvas and then mount on your own gift cards.  $8.00 6.00  J14

Accessories only

A retractable tape measure of 60" by Dritz and a staple or tack remover.  Original $7  Price $3.50  M27

4 side extender bars REDUCED

 Set of 4 side extender bars for scroll frames that are 13 inches long.  Original $34  Price $17 14.00   M26

Extender bars REDUCED

 A 16  and 18 inch extender bar that are an inch square along with a set of 2 knobs for scroll frames.  Orig $24  Price $12 9.00 M25

Clipboard Page Holder REDUCED FINAL

A full page clipboard to hold your charts.  Attaches to the stand and rotates with the black plastic knob.  $5.00  4.00  M24

Page Holder

A page holder with the side clips and wires to keep the page straight.  Has wing nut at the bottom to attach to the stand.  $3  M23

Vineyard Silk Shimmer, Lot 7

Vineyard Silk Shimmer Lot 7 is 5 skeins of S538, Drama, lot 118.  Original $27.50  Price $13.75  S17

Embroidery Hoop

A 10 inch plastic embroidery hoop. Original $5  Price $2.50  M21

Kai scissors REDUCED FINAL

Kai Scissors, 4 inch, N5000 series.  New in package.  Original $15.  Price $7.50  6.00  M19

Dorothy's Kaleidoscope

Dorothy's Kaledoscope is by the Woolford Stitcher and is the chart only for a 126 square stitch count design on 28 count using Caron and perle.  $3.00  J12

Hardanger & Crystal Wedding Pillow REDUCED

Hardanger & Crystal Wedding Pillow kit is by Lorri Birmingham Designs.  Kit includes the chart, 12 square of 28 count, perle, Silk Mori, Kreinik, Czech crystals, pearls, wired ribbon for finishing.  Price $22  18.00    M16

Victorian Ribbons FINAL

Victorian Ribbons is by Brenda Kocher and is the chart only to create the design on an 18 square of 18 count using Wildflowers, Elegance, Neon Rays, Perle and Silk.  Orig $25  Price $12  10.00  AB01

DMC size 3 Lot 10

DMC, size 3 Lot 10 is two skeins of DMC B5200.  Original $3.34  Price $1.67  S10

Wreath of Country Hearts REDUCED

Wreath of Country Hearts is the the spiral bound chart by Lynne Tomlinson Designs to be worked ona 16 square of Congress cloth with floss, ribbon, and beads.  Original $20  Price $10 8.00  J 04

DMC, size 3, Lot 6

DMC size 3, Lot 6 is 3 skeins of Blanc.  Original $5.01.  Price $2.50  S06

Fantasy Remembered, Luan Callery REDUCED

   The kit for Luan Callery's Fantasy Remembered design to work on a 14 x 17 piece of crewel linen . All instructions, fabric, threads included except for an 8 inch square of fusible webbing.  Stumpwork detail project that has some done.  Price $70 60.00  MM34

Hummingbird and Honeysuckle REDUCED

The kit for Luan Callery's Hummingbird and Honeysuckle design worked on a 15 square of white linen. All instructions, fabric, threads included except DMC fil and 4 squares of muslin.  Ruby-throated hummer is worked on a 'slip' before attaching to the linen and stuffed. His wing is wired to give the illusion of hovering at the source of the honeysuckle nectar. The padded and wired floral and petals create dimension with the stuffed body sculpting a life-like hummingbird. The vine has whipped chain, dimensional buds, padded and wired flowers with a smattering of wired leaves.  Orig  $170  Price $70  60.00MM33

Solange, Lorene Salt REDUCED

Solange is by Lorene Salt and is chart only by Lorene Salt to create the design on a 16 square of 18 count with a finished design area of 11 square.  Calls for Perle,l Threadworx overdyed braid, Vineyard Silks, Rainbow Gallery.  Original $25 Price $12.50  10.00  SB 17