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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our female society is superbly excellent REDUCED

Our female society is superbly excellent is the chart, fabric and threads by Oberlin Samplers to work on a 14 x 18 cut which includes the thread.  Original $30  Price $15    12.00  JJ12

Cardinals with Holly, silent auction bidding

This is a Charley Harper stocking called Cardinals with Holly that is  9.25 x 16.25 on 13 count.  It is beautifully stitched with Silk Lame Braid, Neon Rays, Artic Rays and the top for fuzz.  Original canvas was $95 without the threads.  Please send me an email with your best offer, starting at no less than $60.  AL07

The Skiers REDUCED

This piece is not only stitched but already framed!  The outside frame dimensions are 11 x 14.5.  Lots of sparkle and beads! $60 50.00  AL06

Patt and Lee Cat, silent auction bidding. REDUCED

The Patt and Lee cat is design ST-3B that is completely stitched using 64 different stitches and threads.  Design area is 8.75 x 12 on 18 count.  Canvas and guide originally $117   without the cost of the threads.  $ 58  AL05.  $47

Rabbit and Cactus REDUCED

This is a 7.5 square finished piece on 18 count fully stitched and ready to frame, put on a box, sew on a tote!  The 3 dimensional border uses decorative stitches, sequins and raised roses.  The bunny is glitzy and has beads.  $40  30.00  AL04


The letter A is completely stitched on 18 count with silks, Kreiniks and a black cord all the way around all of the edges.  It is ready to be sewn on a tote, a pillow, or even matted and framed.  It is 6.5 high and 6 wide at the bottom.  $50  40.00  AL03


This piece is by Lani and is the Zen symbol for love.  A design area of 5 square worked with a two colored open background and Gold Kreinik word.  $45  35.00 AL02

Princess and the Pea REDUCED

This piece is already stitched!   Ready to be made into a  door hanging or framed for the little princess.  Design area is 4 x 5 on 18 count.  Background is worked in basketweave and the blankets are a variety of stitches.  Kreinik bedposts.  $45  35A01