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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rice Pudding REDUCED

Rice Pudding is the chart book only to create the design that is 10 x 8 on 18 count using just the rice stitch and #5 pearl cotton,  Original $14  Price $7  5.60  S 09

Winter frame REDUCED

The winter frame is by Poppy Kreations and has a blue background with the white cloud attached on the top corner.  Opening is 5.75 x 12.5  Price $18 15.00 L46

Christmas frame REDUCED

The holiday frame is by Poppy Kreation with a blue background and the canes and HO on the corner with an opening of 5.5 x 16.75  Price $20 16.00  L45

Harvest Time REDUCED

The Harvest Time frame is by Kay's Frames and has an opening of 4 x 15 that has a pumpkin color background with the attached fall leaves.  Orig $35  Price $17.50 14.00   L44

Halloween frame REDUCED

Halloween frame is by Poppy Creations with an opening that is 6 x 11 with a black and purple edged background.  Original $33  Price $16.50  13.20 L43

Rainbow frame REDUCED

The Rainbow frame is by Poppy Creations with an opening of 5.5 x 10 which is a lavender background.  Orig $30  Price $15 12.00  L42

Simply Spring REDUCED

Simply Spring frame is by Poppy Creations with an opening that is 4.75 x 13  Original $33  Price $ 16.50 13.20  L41

A Floral Sampler REDUCED FINAL

A Floral Sampler needle and scissor case by Maureen Pratt.  Worked on a 13 square with a variety of stitches.  $8  6.00  J09

Clifford REDUCED

Clifford is the stitch guide  for Clifford by Debbie Stiehler.  Trace the design on your 8 x 10 18 count and stitch him with a variety of threads, beads and embellishments.  Price $10  7.00J 08

Pair of charts REDUCED

Two charts that are a pineapple by Pat Allen and Magnolia by Martha Shevett which includes the colored tracing ready to transfer and all the threads.  Price $12  8.00  J07

Bag of 5 REDUCED

Christmas for Children from the Wyoming Valley chapter of EGA includes designs for barrettes, bookmarks, alphabets and more.    Battenburg Lace pattern, Unconventional Embroidery chart pack, Heart Scissors holder with fabric and plastic heart outlines and a Temari how to article.  $8  6.00  J04

Tomatoes REDUCED

The tomatoes canvas is by Innovation 5 and isa 15.5 x 13 design on 14 count.  $15  10.00  J03

John James Tapestry needles REDUCED

Two bulk packages of size 18 Tapestry needles that each contain 26 needles.  Original $12.50  Price $6.25 5.00 SP01

Pastiche REDUCED

Pastiche is the lien that is 22 x 25, the threads includes Kinkame Silk,   This includes the instructions for the 12 different techniques of stitching that include pulled work, parma, couching and padding, Rodi and more.  Twelve lessons take you through all of the stitch types in the grape and leaf design, blackwork and more all on the same linen.  $40 32.00   JC02

Garden Frame REDUCED

Kay's Frame titled Garden has an opening of 4 x 8 with a wooden trellis and metal rake.  Price $18 15.00   L36

Pumpkins frame REDUCED

The pumpkin frame has an opening of 8.5 wide by 7.5 high and has a row of clay pumpking along the bottom.  Price $18 15.00  L35

DebBee's Designs REDUCED

Bon Bon 2  Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Nougat is the chart only for a 5 in square design on 28 ct linen that could also be worked on canvas.  Original $14  Price $7 5.60  S02

Acorn Frame RDUCED

The acorn frame is by Poppy Kreations frames with a 6 in high x 7.5 in wide opening.  Green frame with squares, hearts and the acorn on top.   Original $28  Price $14  11.00  L33

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Calico Cat is design HS6002 on 18 count  with a design area of 5.5 x 5 on 18 count.  $10  8.00  6.00  T 30


Mile High Princess Easter basket, 18 count, 3 x 3.5.  Canvas Connection Easter egg with a 5 x 7 design area on 18 count.  Original $65  Price $30 26.00  19.50 T29

Changed this one REDUCED FINAL

Summer Breeze is the chart only by Sue Lentz to create the design on a 14 square of 27 count linen with Kreinik, seed beads and pearls.  Floral Block One is by Kimberly Crum  and is the chart only to create the design on a 10 square cut of 18 count with silk, Kreinik, and Rainbow Gallery.  Original $20  price $18.50 14.80   T21  $8.00 6.00  for the one on the right only.


Heart's Content chart for Colonial Charm Sampler  that is 6.5 by 17.3 on 26 count.  Drawn Thread Spirit of Christmas is the chart to create the design on 32 count.  $8  6.00  4.00 T27

Chart Bundle 1 REDUCED FINAL

Includes The Cricket Collection, No. 278, Give us a kiss has charts for 11 different kiss designs for birthday, mother, butterfly and more.  Stoney Creek Christmas Snowman that is 1227 stitches by 143, Waltzing with Bears' Wildflower Necklace with two designs and Chickadee Santa by Kitty Kats Original that is 127 x 142 stitches.  Original $32.45  Price $16  12.00 9.60  T12

Flower Diamond REDUCED FINAL

Flower Diamond is the chart only by Lynne Tomlinson Designs to create the design on a 14 square of 24 count Congress cloth with Waterlilies and floss.  Price $12  10.00 7.00  T 08

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Circle of Hearts REDUCED FINAL

Circle of Hearts is a 5 inch circle on 24 count by FR by Gail.  Price $20  18.00  15.00  10.00 M31