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Saturday, November 18, 2023


Everything has been reduced to at least 50% off! Please email me at with any requests.

Twisty Stitches Vol I & II Reduced!

Twisty Stitches Vol I & II are by Carole Lake & Michael Boren of Stitch PLay Designs. Volume one covers Amadeus, Double Fan and Double Fan Doubled, Eight Point Star, Jessica, Crescent, and Chilly Hollow stitches. Book II covers Mistake Stitch, Plaited Rays, Sprats Head, Sheaf Stitch, Waffle and Walneto. These are gorgeous stitches in color 52 page spiral-bound books with step by step instructions. A great resource for the Jean Hilton stitches. Retail $116 Price $70 $58 Item B14

Dragon by Liz Reduced!

The Dragon is by Liz, design AP-203, that is an 11.75 x 18.75 design on 18 count. Retail $431 Price $259.00 $172 B01

Jacobean Reduced!

Jacobean is a 12.5 x 12.5 design on 13 count. Retail $195 Price $117 $97.50 Item B07

Sundance Reduced!

8 packages of Sundance that are: Color Vibe Bead Melange BDS-CV002 Old Lace, Fire Polished Crystals BDS-FP201, Box Beads BDS-BX 8245 and BX8283, BoHo Beads BDS-FP906, and sequins SQ-226, SQ121,123a. Retail $31.90 Price $20 $16 Item B19

Needleminders Reduced!

3 1.5 x 1 inch needleminders by Kelmscott. Retail $27 Price $16 $13 Item B08

4 inch Kai Scissors Reduced!

4 inc Kai Scissors, N5000 series, curved with ergonomic handle. Retail $11 Price $6.60 $5.50 Item B05

Linguini 3 Reduced!

two packages of Linguini 3, 3 mm 10 yard ribbon. One is Pink Ice and the othe is Ecru that is 100% acrylic trim. Retail $3.60 Price $2.15 $1.80 Item B06

Threads-Mixed Bag! Reduced!

Threads are Elegance 802, Frosty Rays 015, Fyre Werks F4, Gold Rush 18 9C, Neon Rays 2 of 03, 21, 90, Patina 06, Silk Lame Glow in Dark 300, Overdy 156, DMC Rayon 30745, Perle Satin. Retail $47.10 Price $28 $23 B18

Splendor Conversion Charts Reduced!

Splendor Conversions Charts from DMC, AuVer A Soie, and Anchor to Splendor colors by Pam Miller. Includes a printed color card of 182 Splendor colors. An older publication but still of value to convert colors. $6 $5 Item B11

Thread Color Comparison Chart-Rainbow Gallery Reduced!

Handy reference thread color comparison chart. Compares DMC color to 27 other fibers. So if you want to know what color of Flair matches DMC Blanc, refer to the chart and see that it is Flair 502. Makes color matching easy! Price $6 $5 Item B10

Fundamentals Made Fancy Reduced!

Fundamentals made Fancy by Janice Love. Hardanger. 58 pages. May be out of print. Taking your hardanger skills to the next level! Picots & Diagonal Twists, Divided Woven Bars with Picots, Woven Spider Webs, Whipped Spider Webs, Interlocking Spider Webs, Spider in a Lacy Web, Divided Branches with Picots, Ribbon, Struvor, Divided Branches with Wheels, Curled V, Ringed Diagonal Filet, Divided Wrapped Bars with Dove's Eyes, Dove's Cote, Ribbon, Three-Quarter Spider Web Flower with Dove's Eye, Ribbon, Blanket Stitch Flowers, Ribbon, Greek Crosses, Greek Crosses (filling stitches), Ribbon, "You Turn", Curled V in a Fan, Ribbon (Curled V in a Fan), Edelweiss, Queen Anne's Lace, Lacy Daisy, Bullion Knots, Lacy Edge, Doubled Back Stitch, Portuguese Stem Stitch, Reversed Faggot, Victorian Needle Box, Etui, Band Patterns, Lid and Needle Bands, anchoring and traveling, a full glossary of figures, reproducible graphing paper for making your own designs, and a removable pattern foldout. Price $20 $16 Item B15

Creative Ribbons & Roses by Gail Rogers Reduced!

Creative Ribbons & Roses by Gail Rogers, 80 pages of Exquisite embroidery projects using silk ribbon, cotton and wool. Twenty projects including bridal items and Christmas pieces. Retail $17 Price $10 $8 Item B16

Cross Stitch Graph-It Reduced!

Cross Stitch Graph-It package contains instructions, and sheet of 8, 10, 12 an 14 squares to the inch graphing paper. Retail $18 Price $10 $9 Item B17

Ribbonwork Reduced!

Ribbonwork is by Katheryn Tidwell Bieber that is a 6 x 6.5 hard bound 95 page book of projects. Ideas for a bookmark, sachet, pillows and lots of ideas to add to any needle work project. Retail $13 Price $7 $6 Item B09

2011 Needlepoint Now magazines

All five issues of Needlepoint Now magazine, 2011. Includes a Spring, Summer Tree by Ada Haydon, Tapestry II by Marnie Ritter, Pin Wheels by Linda Lahm, Ms Vanity Mermaid by Kelly Clark and Alice Okon, Whimsey in Bloom by Mindy Pattero, 1931 Model A Ford Deluxe by Raymond Crawford, Land that I love by Debbie Stiehler, Home of the Brave by Sandra Gilmore, Susan Portra and Pattie posey, Hooty by Needledeeva and Robin King, Snowman Whimsy by Shelly Tribey, Santa's Bicycle Built for Two by The Princess and Me, Temple of 1,000 cranes by Leigh Designs and Jane Wood, Elegance by Shirley White and much more. Retail $35 Price $10 $7 Item M01

3 issues Reduced!

Three issues of Needlepoint Now, no idea why there are random issues! September/October 2009: Boo Kitty by Shelly Tribby and Cindy Humbard, Ode to a Poppy by Ann Winn, Essence of Candy Corn by Becky Worsham, Autumn by Alice Okon, September/October 2010: Ribbon Candy and Snowman Ribbon Candy by Melissa Shirley, Crescent Cuff by Pat Mazu, Fall Tree by Ada Haydon, East by Renee Frank, Pumpkin Square by Laura Perin, November/December 2010: Holiday Elves by Sew Much Fun, Winter Tree by Ada Haydon, First Snow by Shirley White, Harvest Heart by Pat Mazu and all have more. Retail $21 Price $6 $4 M03

2014 Needlepoint Now magazine Reduced!

All six issues od 2014 Needlepoint Now magazine that include: The Winfields in Winter, Wwinte Girl by Maggie and Lisa Kessler, The Flurries by Rebecca Wood and Connie Camp, The Tudors and Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour by Labors of Love and Anne Connerton, Swirling Snowmen by Ewe & Eye and Friends and Suzie Ballerie, The Swan Goddess by Laurel Burch and Danji Designs, The H Train by Raymond Crawford and Vicky DeAngelis, Be Jolly by Associared Talents and more. Retail $46.50 Price $12 $10 Item M06

2015 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

All 5 issues of 2015 Needlepoint Now magazine. Includes Angel of Peace by Curtis Boehringer and Cythia Thomas, Part 3 of the "H" train by Raymond Crawford guide by Vicky DeAngelis, Holiday Blue Bell by Susan Portra, Peter Rabbit by Rebecca Woodm otus Garden by Zecca and Lisa Kessler, 12 Tribes of Israel by Rish Designs and Donna La Ganga, Noah's Ark by Raymond Crawford and Gone Stitching, Uncle Sam by Sew Much Fun, White Ornament by Susan Portra, Boo to You by Associated Talents, Christmas Diamonds by Threedle, Christmas Holiday House by Pepperberry Designs and Vick De Angelis and many more. Retail $Retail $38.75 Price $12 $10 Item M02

2016 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

six issues of Needlepoint Now 2016 that include: Tea with the Queen by Ann Winn, Hearts Gone Wild by Associated Talents, The Bells are Ringing, part 2 & 3, Marnie Ritter, Sights and Scenes of London by Kirk and Bradley and Jinny Barney, Blue Bird by Maggie & Co and Kathy Fuleza, Easter March by Liz Goodrick-Dillon and Susan Portra, Flower Birdhouse by Sew Much fun, Tulle Evening Gown by Lani Silver, My Patriotic Heart by Nancy Ccci, Celebrating Santa by Strictly Christmas, Gingerbread House with Snowman by Julie Mar & Friends, Shy Snowman by Pepperberry Designs and Timmy Schultz and much more. Retail $46.50 Price $12.00 $10 M05

2017 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

All six issues of Needlepoint Now 2017. Includes: Horseplay Olupia by Raymond Crawford & Corliss Englert, Helen's Star by Margaret Bendig, Shalom by NeedleDeeva and Donna LaGanga, 12 Fancy Flowerpots by Pippin and Laura Taylor, Kindness by Sandra Gilmore and Vicky De Angelis, Holiday Gift by Susan Portra, Chocolates by Sally B. Baer, Land that I love by Pepperberry Designs and Timmy Schultz, Fretwork Tassels by Associated Talents, Petite Plume by Brenda Kocher, Mews Row by Kirk & Bradley and Jinny Barney, Halloween Flight by Pat Mazu, Joy Ride by Love you more and Serry Bray, 3 D Gingerbread House by Pepperberry Designs and Timmy Schultz, Light the Candles by Marnie Ritter, Christmas Tree Banner by EyeCandy Needleart and much more. Retail $46.50 Price $12 $10 M04

2018 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

5 issues of 2018 Needlepoint Now. The September/October issue is missing. Includes: Shalom by NeedleDeeva and Doonna LaGanga, STITCH by Cheryl Schaeffer and Annie Lee, Amy's Richelie Purse by Amy Bunder, Gingerbread House for Valentine's by Julie Mar and Cynthia Thomas, Ocean Song by Laurel Burch and Ann Winn, Easter Bunnies by Assoicated Talents, Easter Train by Raynnd Crawfor and Luv2Stith, Summer Birdhouses by Sew Much Fun and Cindy Saltzman, Diamond by Kurdy Biggs, Graphic Giraffe by DJ Designs and Laura Taylor, All that Glitters by Kurdy Biggs Parts 1-3 (part 4 is in the 2019 group), Swans by Art Needlepoit and Leslie DeCoux, Reindeer Games by Pippin and Laura Taylor, Beaded Bargello by Eye Candy Needleart and more. Retail $38.75 Price $12 $10 Item M 07

2020 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

All six issues of 2020 Needlepoint Now that include: Heart strings by Sew Much Fun and Cindy Saltzman, Exotic Blue Bird by Jane Tattersfieldand Sherry Bray, Secret Gaeden by Laurel Burch and Jill Rigoli, Patchouli by Anthony Minieri, Enough by Maggie & Co and Cynthia Thomas, Starfish Mermaid by Ann Winn, Believe by Pepperberry Designs and Timmy Schultz and more. Retail $51 Price $12 $10 Item M10

2019 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

All six issues of 2019 Needlepoint Now magazine that include: Oy to the World! by Rawymond Crawford and Donna LaGanga, All that Glitters Part 4, Christmas Pagean Triptycg by Strictly Christmas and June McKnight, Junior the Bunny by Labors of Love and Timmy Schultz, Miss Opal by The Meredith Collection, and Peggy Orlando, Sunflower by Jane Tattersfield and Patricia Sone, Fourth of July Gazebo and figures by CH Designs and Nancy Yeldell, English Wildflower Basket by Kirk & Bradley and Jinny Barney, Pick your Poison by Pepperberry Designs and Timmy Schultz, Believe by Pepperberry Designs and Timmy Schultz and more. Retail $51 Price $12 $10 Item M09

2021 Needlepoint Now Reduced!

All six issue of 2021 Needlepoint Now that includes: Pitcher Perfect by Pippin and Laura Taylor, Canvas Cookies by Cheryl Schaeffer and Annie Lee Designs, Sunflower Medley by Love You More and Lisa Rushe, Four Bunnies by Pepita Needlepoint and Renee Frank, Red Poppies by Brenda Stofft and Karen Chrissinger, The Wedding of Max and Mabel by JP Needlepoint and Donna LaGanga, Spell Caster's by Sharese and Ginny Stapleton, Crystal Christmas Tree by Eye Candy Needleart and more. Retail $51 Price $12 $10 Item M08

3 issues Needlepoint Now 2022 Reduced!

Thee issues of Needlepont Now 2022 that include: Pink Daisies and Butterfly by Julie Mar and Karen Chrissinger, Valentine Heart, Anniversary Heart, Madame Cujreie by Needle Arts and Pat Cooney, Pointy Flats with Bows by Rebecca Wood and Eileen Aird, Daisy by Dream House Ventures and Karen Chrissinger and more. Retail $28.50 Price $6 $4 Item M11